Road Work on Lake and Wealthy

Posted on: May 20, 2016 | Posted in: News, Updates

Road work has started at the intersection of Lake and Wealthy, and will last approximately four weeks, finishing up in time for Bizarre Bazaar.

The City fast tracked this project so that we wouldn’t have to wait another year to get serious improvements in place. Most of the work will concern making the ramps around the intersection ADA accessible, which they are not currently. Bricks will be removed in a walkway cutting across the intersections and asphalt will be put in place, surrounded by cement bumpers, and then bricks. The asphalt is also to make the intersection ADA accessible.

There are clear detours marked right now, and as soon as they are done with this side of the street, they will flip to the other.

PLEASE REMEMBER: It is a crime to cut through parking lots to avoid road work. The fine is $170 and two points on your license.


Here is a map of the City’s detour for this phase of the work. Though it may not look like it, Norwood is open to residents to turn left off of Lake. The City has put up a sign indicating this.


This is the detour for the second phase of the work, which will begin immediately after the first phase is done, in three to four weeks.


If you have any concerns, please contact John Hayes at or 616.456.3831. He is the Assistant Project Manager for this work.