It takes a collaborative effort to keep a community safe and vibrant.  Each year we recruit hundreds of volunteers to help with event planning, neighborhood clean-ups, family-friendly activities, neighborhood improvement projects, and more! Want to volunteer? Contact us today.

The following committees are open to any interested Eastown residents and supporters.

ECA Green Space Committee

This committee is dedicated to taking care of Eastown’s green spaces. They have done several successful clean-ups, tree inventories, beautification projects, CPTED improvements and more! They also oversee the ECA’s community garden. Meetings take place the 3rd Monday of the month at 6:00pm at the ECA.


ECA Neighborhood Events Committee

This committee assists the ECA with planning neighborhood events each month including the Picnic in the Parks, park clean-ups, Eastown movie night, family friendly events, and many new events. Committee members will have many opportunities to plan a variety of events that are focused on Eastown residents, including fundraisers for the ECA.  Meetings are held as needed.

ECA Block Captains & Public Safety Committee

As active Eastown residents, Block Captains collaborate with the ECA to welcome new residents, connect them to the ECA, and also distribute public safety information. Block captains make up the Public Safety Committee to identify any public safety issues in the community and create the policy to address these issues and improve the overall neighborhood of Eastown.

ECA Access Committee

This committee publishes the Eastown Access. The Access is a bi-monthly Eastown newsletter that goes out to approximately 2,000 households. Eastown writers, photographers, and editors are all welcome to join the staff. Meetings are held once a month at 7:30pm at Kava House.

ECA Board of Directors

The board of directors oversee all the committees and provide vision and direction for the organization. Board meetings are on the second Tuesday of every month at 6:00pm at the ECA. Residents are encouraged to attend and participate.

Special Events Committee

This is a joint committee between the ECA and EBA in charge of planning Eastown’s most popular events, Bizarre Bazaar and the Eastown StreetFair. Learn how to plan an event, as well as obtain special events permits from the City, solicit bands to perform, attract volunteers and more. Meetings are held the third Tuesday of the month at 6pm.




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