Edit: New Project Proposal at the Thresholds Building

Posted on: October 20, 2015 | Posted in: News, Updates

Edit: A new project is being proposed at 1225 Lake Drive – the Thresholds building! While there are no proposed changes to the exterior, new residences are slated for the interior.

Currently, the property is zoned TN-LDR – low density residential. This type of project is allowed with a Special Use Permit, under the zoning code: TN-LDR, Traditional Neighborhood – Low-Density Residential Zone District.

The TN-LDR District is intended to protect established development patterns, consisting predominantly of medium-low density residential development in the form of detached single-family houses and two-family dwellings sited on individual lots. Pockets of medium- to high-density residential development are generally found along transit routes, near to business districts and along major streets. The redevelopment of sites shall remain consistent with this pattern of development. The conversion of single-family homes to multifamily use or as a parking lot is not permitted, except as a Special Land Use per Section 5.2.08.A. or Table 5.5.05.B. respectively.

The original intended purpose of the structure was a single-family house, which was later attached to an adjacent structure (another single-family house) in order to accommodate a business (a funeral home) and later offices. Essentially, this was a residence that was turned into a commercial property, which is now being proposed to turn back into residences.

The developer of this project is proposing 34 living units in the interior of the structure, primarily geared toward 20-30 year old young professionals looking for housing in a community-based setting. This project is not intended for college students, as it will be a cooperative living structure where each resident holds ownership in the organization itself.  The cooperative will have a master lease with the owners and a lease-to-buy contract.

The Planning Commission will be reviewing the project on December 10 at 1PM in their meeting room at Development Center, 2nd floor public hearing room 201, 1120 Monroe Ave.

If you have questions, comments or concerns, please call Marisa at 616-451-3025 or Ryan Griffith at 717-215-7541, or email at ryanegriffith221@gmail.com


Project Description

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