Proposed Development, Kingsley Building

Posted on: June 22, 2015 | Posted in: News

The Bazzani Building Company (Guy Bazzani) is requesting a Special Land Use to construct a 65-space, two-level parking garage in association with improvements to an existing mixed use building, including the addition of 26 basement parking spaces at the Kingsley Building. Also requested is a 3,000 sq. ft. rooftop deck intended for resident use. This request will be evaluated by the Planning Commission for compliance with the standards of Article 6 and Sections 5.9. 21., 5.9.23., 5.12.08., and 5.12.12. of the Zoning Ordinance. A public hearing will be held by the Grand Rapids Planning Commission in the Public Hearing Room, 2nd Floor, 1120 Monroe Avenue NW on Thursday, July 9, 2015. This item is 3rd on the agenda and scheduled for 1:30pm.

From the Bazzani Building Company:

Kingsley Building – Phase 2 Project Plan
The Kingsley Phase 2 project will create 42, market rate units on the 3rd through 5th floors.   The project is aimed to attract down-sizers and young professionals who wish to live in a walkable neighborhood with a strong sense of community.

The project is required to apply for an SLU (Special Land Use) for the parking deck and the rooftop deck. The parking deck is needed to provide enough additional parking for the added residential tenants, and maintain the parking for the commercial tenants. Our goal is to provide the needed additional residential parking on site so that it does not impact the neighborhood. The rooftop deck will be centered in the middle of the rooftop area for residential tenants use only. The rooftop deck will be surrounded by a green roof, and will not be visible from the street.

The building will be barrier free and will have two elevators with one elevator having access to the roof. Additional storage will be offered on the second floor for tenants. There will be approximately 18 small offices on the second floor, which will be for use by residential tenants who would like to have a small additional space, thereby offering a live/work option. The rooftop solar array is designed to supplement the electrical needs of the building. Offsite wind power will deliver the remaining need. We are working to meet the requirements of the 2030 challenge. We expect to begin construction in late summer 2015 with all work completed in 12-14 months.


We would like to hear from our residents, business owners, and neighbors on what you think of this proposed parking garage which will take the place of the surface lot that is currently there. Please see the pictures below and email us with any questions/comments/concerns. Click here to view the site plans.

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