About Us

Eastown Community Association Mission

Foster a safe, diverse, and walkable Eastown neighborhood by creating opportunities for neighbors and friends to engage and connect.

We Educate

  • Informing residents of issues affecting Eastown by distributing newsletters, both paper and electronic
  • Hosting block captain trainings
  • Training residents in neighborhood watch
  • Connecting residents with necessary resources and support services
  • Establishing block clubs and encouraging proactive neighboring

We Facilitate

  • Eastown Community meetings
  • Conflict resolution between residents
  • Communication between renters and landlords
  • Neighborhood improvement events
  • Communication between residents and police, city agencies, local courts, and organizations
  • Volunteer projects, such as park and Eastown business district clean-ups
  • General upkeep of our neighborhood by working with residents, landlords, and City of Grand Rapids code compliance
  • Relationships between residents through community social events
  • Community gardens throughout Eastown

Click here to view our 2013 Annual Report