About Us


Eastown is a 70 square block vibrant, walkable neighborhood on the East side of Grand Rapids, MI, with a population of 5257 (2010 census). The residents of Eastown are what make this neighborhood wonderfully unique. They are invested in their community, enjoy walking to local parks and gardens, and are very active in the development and happenings in the community.  Click here to view a map of Eastown.

Through the joint efforts of Aquinas College and Eastown residents, the Eastown Community Association was formed in 1973. The Eastown Community Association has been working in this community for 40+ years to ensure that every Eastown resident and business owner is informed about community issues and represented at the city–wide level. The ECA works with City officials, the Grand Rapids Police Department, other nonprofit organizations and area businesses. The Eastown Community Association also works closely with the Eastown Business Association on improvement projects within the business district.

Eastown Community Association’s Mission

Our mission is to foster a safe, diverse, and walkable Eastown neighborhood by creating opportunities for neighbors and friends to engage and connect.

We Educate

  • Inform residents of issues affecting Eastown by distributing newsletters, both paper and electronic.
  • Host block captain trainings.
  • Empower residents to make important decisions regarding their own block and the larger community.
  • Host block training roundtables with sister neighborhoods.
  • Train residents in neighborhood watch.
  • Connect residents with necessary resources and support services.
  • Establish block clubs and encouraging proactive neighboring.
  • Promote basic public safety practices to all residents while living in Eastown.

2015 Review

  • Actively worked with 44 block club networks to inform residents of criminal activity and public safety recommendations.
  • Worked with 406 residents, households, and business owners to build understanding of personal and public safety design practices.
  • 5147 pounds of food handed out to hundreds of families.
  • 13 new trees planted and watered regularly at Sigsbee Park.
  • Actively engaged hundreds of residents on developments at 1 Carlton, 1555 Wealthy, and the Kingsley Building.
  • Organized alley and parking lot cleanups to engage 454 residents, businesses, and volunteers in neighborhood improvement activities.
  • Sold out spaces to vendors, as well as full slates of bands and performers, at Bizarre Bazaar and StreetFair.

Click here to view our 2015 Annual Report

Click here to view our 2014 Annual Report

We Facilitate

  • Eastown Community meetings.
  • Conflict resolution between residents.
  • Communication between renters and landlords.
  • Neighborhood improvement events.
  • Dialog between residents and business owners with police, city agencies, local courts, schools, and other community resources.
  • Volunteer projects including park, neighborhood and business district clean-ups.
  • General upkeep of our neighborhood by working with residents, landlords, and City of Grand Rapids code compliance.
  • Relationships between residents through community social events.
  • Community gardens throughout Eastown.
  • Community forums between residents and potential developers.
  • Free home/apartment security surveys to all Eastown residents.
  • Beautification and maintenance of our neighborhood by working with residents, landlords, and City of Grand Rapids’ code compliance department.
  • Preservation and improvement of the neighborhood and business district.